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The Jellicle Moon

Life of the Jellicle Cats

Jellicle Cats RPG- from CATS the Musical
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This is the Jellicle Moon, A Place Where Jellicle Meet! This is a wonderful Role Playing Area for everyone's favorite musical!


Jellicle Moderator: heathychan
Assistant Jellicle: reddgray



It is the year after CATS took place. Grizzabella has been reborn as a kitten, her name staying the same. The time of the Jellicle Ball draws near- when the jellicles notice their elders disappearing. They know it must be the work of Macavity. They ask Rumpleteazer about it, and she is as confused as the rest of them. Now- the must get back their fellow Jellicles before they can celebrate at the Jellicle Ball.

The scene starts after they find that Gus is missing.


[x] no power playing
[x] no being mean to the other players
[x] keep whiney comments to yoursel
[x] OOC posts shall be made here
[x] keep to the story- no changing
[x] don't play two characters just for love interest... like your original character and your favorite queen/ tom. i am not saying they can't fall in love... but that can't be the only thing you are rpinh..
[x] any questions, feel free to ask me, heathychan
[x] Original Characters Are allowed, but please, make sure in the OOC board, you tell us a little about them, like a profile
[x] two characters per user... until more users begin to join... the mods can start with three >D
[x] Ask Me If you are not sure on something you want to add to the plot
[x] finally... have fun!


Character List:


Etcetera: linakitten

Tantomile: heathychan

Jemima: liftup_urhands

Victoria: peters_lostgirl

Griddlebone: griddlebone

Bombalurina: pouncivalgolden

Rumpelteazer: reddgray

Demeter: mizg

Jennyanydots: reddgray

Electra: anjelliclecat

Grizzabella: drusillatsukino

Cassandra: linakitten

Jellylorum: faded_immortal


Bustopher Jones: the_alchemist

Mistoffelees: heathychan

Alonzo: misteazer

Skimblshanks: heathychan

Munkustrap: mizg

Tumblebrutus: veewagner


Gus: The theatre cat: Open

Pouncival: pouncivalgolden

Old Deuteronomy: Open

Rum Tum Tugger: yvesilena

Coricopat: veewagner

Asparagus: Open

Rumpus Cat: Open

Admetus: Open

Mungojerrie: veewagner

Macavity: the_alchemist

Original Character: (see ooc board for their profile!)

Magical: robingurl

And soon to come... another Queen played by peters_lostgirl!!


Have Fun Jellicles!