Dorothy (veewagner) wrote in jellicle_moon,

Introducing Tumblebrutus

OOC: Sorry this took me so long you guys.

The unintentional quiet of the group of jellicles was broken by the crash and bang of small garbage piles being knocked over! Into the center of the tribe ran a striped jellicle, with a large brown patch over his left eye, Tumblebrutus. He was an adult now, but as his actions proved, still a kitten at heart. He chased after a small grey mouse, under piles of junk, through old tires. As the mouse skittered under a car, Tumble realized he was moving too fast to stop himself... BANG! Head first into the car door! Garbage and junk fell off the top of the car and onto him! He let out a yell then stopped. He slowly rose from the pile, not realizing a rusty bucket was perched on top of his head. His eyes looked down at the ground and an awkward frown played on his lips. "Sorry." He wispered. "I didn't mean to make a racket!" He knew this was not a good time to be fooling around, but he saw that mouse... and he had to chase it, he couldn't control himself.
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